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ADHD Anonymous

“ADHD?…they used to think I had that. Now they know I have Mad Cow Disease!”                -11 y.o. Academy MetroWest participant When new kids enroll in our program, the first step in the process … Continue reading

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Cooperative Play Rules! (Not That I’m At All Biased)

In the work that we do at Academy MetroWest, we run gym-based groups that center on  cooperative, non-competitive physical activity, aimed at helping kids feel better about themselves and improve the way they interact with others. Groups of up to … Continue reading

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It Will Never Stop Being a Struggle – But It Will Get Better

Back in December, Academy MetroWest hosted a parent workshop called Young Adulthood – Looking Forward, Looking Back. It featured 3 Academy MetroWest alumni, now in their early or mid 20’s, reflecting on the struggles they faced during their school years and … Continue reading

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