The Welcome Back Kotter School of Limit Setting

In memory of Marcia Strassman, Gabe Kotter’s long suffering wife Julie on the 1970’s sitcom Welcome Back Kotter, I’m reposting an entry I wrote two years ago. Strassman passed away last Friday. R.I.P.

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On the morning of September 10, 1975, as my fellow classmates and I streamed in to Iroquois Middle School for another enthralling day of 6th grade, we found ourselves enthusiastically comparing our favorite moments from a sitcom that had premiered the evening before. At least 12 hours after we had all feasted our eyes and ears on it for the first time, Welcome Back Kotter still had all of us laughing uproariously.

For those unfamiliar with Welcome Back Kotter, the show’s central character was named Gabe Kotter and he was portrayed by Gabe Kaplan. Mr. Kotter was a young teacher who was assigned to teach a high school class comprised of a group of what passed in the 70’s for TV juvenile delinquents. The story went that Mr. Kotter had attended the same high school and had been a student in the same notoriously unmanageable class. The show was noteworthy…

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